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Images of angry mobs in Arab cities burning American flags and attacking U.S. diplomatic posts suggest the Muslim world is no less enraged at the United States than when President George W. Bush had to duck shoes hurled at him in Baghdad.

But more than three years after President Barack Obama declared in Cairo that he would seek “a new beginning” in U.S.-Muslim relations, a closer look reveals strides as well as setbacks.
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It may have been only an optical illusion, but what a sight. The biggest and brightest full moon of the year arrived Saturday night and glowed around the world.

In Brazil it illuminated the landmark Christ the Redeemer statue and later set behind a shanty town. In Florida, fishermen worked their lines amid the moonlight in Bal Harbour. And near Athens, tourists watched as the moon rose behind the Temple of Poseidon.
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It was one of the hottest days of the year and evening temperatures were still sweltering when two FBI agents wearing bulletproof vests under their dark suits climbed the stairs of the Jacob Riis housing complex in New York’s Lower East Side on June 7, 2011. Drenched in sweat, they knocked on the steel door of a sixth-floor unit. It swung open to reveal a man in his late twenties wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. View full article »


The Global Positioning System guides our ships at sea. It’s the centerpiece of the new next-gen air traffic control system. It even timestamps the millions of financial transactions made across the world each and every day.

And it’s at extreme risk from criminals, terrorist organizations and rogue states — and even someone with a rudimentary GPS jammer that can be bought on the Internet for 50 bucks, said Todd Humphreys, an expert on GPS with the University of Texas. View full article »


Google unveiled a new project dedicated to tackling some of the world’s biggest problems early Monday morning.

The company launched a site, called “Solve for X,” a TED-like think tank that will encourage problem solving and teamwork to come up with “radical” ideas for big picture problems.

“Solve for X is a place where the curious can go to hear and discuss radical technology ideas for solving global problems,” reads the Solve for X website. View full article »

Institut Laue-Langevin

Most of us think of soap as a way to make stuff less sticky. But a new process actually ups the stickiness of soap itself — by making it magnetic.

Researchers at Bristol University in the United Kingdom have created the world’s first magnetic soap, made by dissolving iron-rich salts in water. The goal is to create a soap that can be used in industrial cleaners or in environmental cleanups that can then be picked up out of the environment, not just rinsed away. View full article »


The race for new-energy dominance is officially on. Earlier this month two of China’s oil giants, Sinopec and Cnooc, as well as Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company, Saudi Aramco, announced they would all seek to buy the same 30 percent stake in American hydraulic-fracturing-services firm Frac Tech Holdings LLC.

The announcements, arriving amidst great excitement about the potential of natural gas development in the United States, could touch off a competition worth up to $2 billion — and possessing far-reaching implications for both the global energy game and a still-foundering U.S. economy. View full article »

Huawei is making its mark at CES, today introducing two new super-thin, 4.3-inch Android 4.0 smartphones, the Ascend P1 and the Ascend P1 S.

At just 0.26 inches thick, Huawei claims the P1 S is the thinnest smartphone in the world (the Droid RAZR, by comparison, is 0.3 inches at its thinnest). Powered by a 1.5-Ghz dual-core TI OMAP 4460 Cortex A9 processor, the P1 S should be no slouch when it comes to performance, either.

Huawei’s other phone, the P1, will have the same Cortex-A9 processor, but measures a slightly thicker 5.0 x 2.5 x 0.3 inches. View full article »

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