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Hampton PD

Hampton PD

In one of the day’s dumbest April Fool’s Day pranks, a Waffle House worker allegedly called 911 to falsely report that the eatery had just been robbed.

According to police, Susan Alexandria Tinker, 20, called around 6 AM to claim that the Hampton, Virginia eatery had been robbed. However, after officers arrived at the purported crime scene, they came to a different conclusion.
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The Transportation Security Administration has suspended one of its employees at Newark’s Liberty International Airport after a security breach occurred last Thursday.

TSA Officials say that the security worker, who has been with the agency since 2002, failed to screen two bags before sending them to a staging area to be placed on two international flights. A co-worker had noticed the improper screening which enabled them to quickly conduct a rescreening before loading the luggage onto the two aircraft. The flights were able to leave with no delay. View full article »

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