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Jindal declares 2nd State of Emergency

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal declared a second state of emergency Friday (Jan. 24), after a light snow, frost and ice blanketed Louisiana. The first state of emergency was announced Wednesday to allow for uninterrupted deliveries of propane and other heating fuels in Louisiana and out of state.
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Missing People Found Alive in Northern Nevada



A member of a search team on Tuesday found two adults and four children who had been missing in the frigid mountains of northern Nevada for the past two days.

Pershing County sheriff’s officials said the adults and children were being taken to Pershing General Hospital after they were found at about 11:30 a.m. All six were in good condition.

Crews launched a search Sunday night for 34-year-old James Glanton, his 25-year-old girlfriend, Christina McIntee, and the four children: a 10-year-old, two 4-year-olds and a 3-year-old.
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