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Microsoft has unveiled Surface, a tablet computer to compete with Apple’s iPad.

CEO Steve Ballmer announced the new tablet, calling it part of a “whole new family of devices” the company is developing.

One version of the device, which won’t go on sale until sometime in the fall, is 9.3 millimeter thick and works on the Windows RT operating system. It comes with a kickstand to hold it upright and a touch keyboard cover that snaps on using magnets. The device weighs under 1.5 pounds and will cost about as much as other tablet computers.
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Siri is about to get one-upped by Google.

The company on Wednesday unveiled a long-rumored concept called “Project Glass,” which takes all the functionality of a smartphone and places it into a wearable device that resembles eyeglasses.

The see-through lens could display everything from text messages to maps to reminders. They may be capable of showing video chats, providing turn-by-turn directions, taking photos and recording notes — all through simple voice commands, according to a concept video produced by the company and released on YouTube.
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Good things come in threes — but do insanely great things?

Apple execs took the stage at an event in California Wednesday to unveil the latest iteration of the company’s wildly popular iPad tablet, which features a stunning new high-resolution display that could rival a home television set.

“You all have an HDTV at home, 1080p — an iPad has more pixels. That’s incredible,” said Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at the unveiling. No other mobile gadget has yet matched that display power, Schiller said. View full article »


Google unveiled a new project dedicated to tackling some of the world’s biggest problems early Monday morning.

The company launched a site, called “Solve for X,” a TED-like think tank that will encourage problem solving and teamwork to come up with “radical” ideas for big picture problems.

“Solve for X is a place where the curious can go to hear and discuss radical technology ideas for solving global problems,” reads the Solve for X website. View full article »


The Blaze

Want to destroy the eeeeevil “Big & Powerful” (initials BP) Corporation whose “nasty pollution” is destroying the planet? There’s an app for that — it’s called Blobster.

Apple’s latest game app allows users to clean up after and defeat “Blobzilla,“ the ”sloppy“ and ”very, very greedy” corporate boss of B&P who doesn’t understand the “natural beauty of Blobtopia.” Gizmodo has the scoop: View full article »

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