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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta apologized Wednesday for gruesome, newly revealed photographs that purport to show U.S. soldiers posing with the bloodied remains of dead insurgents in Afghanistan two years ago. He said war can lead young troops to “foolish decisions” and expressed concern the photos could incite fresh violence against Americans.

The White House called the photos “reprehensible,” joining Panetta and other top military officials in expressing regret for the latest in a string of embarrassing missteps by the U.S. military in a war that’s built on earning the trust and confidence of ordinary Afghans. In recent months, American troops have been caught up in controversies over burning Muslim holy books, urinating on Afghan corpses, an alleged massacre of 17 Afghan villagers and other misdeeds.
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Despite Iranian threats warning the U.S. Navy to keep its distance from the Strait of Hormuz, for the second time in a week the U.S. military has rescued distressed Iranian mariners in the Gulf waters.

In the early morning hours of January 10th the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Monomoy responded to flares fired from the Iranian cargo dhow, Ya-Hussayn, which was experiencing engine troubles 50 miles off the coast of Iraq.

Monomoy launched their small boat and rescued two men off the dhow and four others tied to a life raft off the stern. View full article »


The U.S. military is testing a revolutionary new drone for its arsenal, a pilotless helicopter intended to fly cargo missions to remote outposts where frequent roadside bombs threaten access by road convoys.

Surveillance drones for monitoring enemy activity and armed versions for launching air strikes have become a trademark of America’s wars in AfghanistanIraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. But this is the first time a chopper version designed for transport has ben used operationally. View full article »

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The Iraq war officially ended Thursday without a stray shot fired — just with a simple ceremony at the Baghdadairport.

It was a far cry from my previous visits to the region.

During my first trip to Baghdad, Saddam Hussein was still in power and the U.N. weapons inspectors, also known as UNSCOM were being given the run around. I returned again in 2007 just after President George W. Bush announced the surge. View full article »


The Senate Armed Services Committee is zeroing in on China as the leading suspect in an effort to supply the U.S. military with counterfeit electronic parts. WAIT…..WHAT?? Can someone tell me why we are getting parts for OUR military from CHINA? REALLY?? View full article »

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