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Sorry, Mr. President.

After nearly single-handedly pushing gay marriage to the forefront of the presidential campaign and inadvertently pressuring President Barack Obama to declare his support for same-sex unions, there was only one thing left for Vice President Joe Biden to do: apologize.

Biden’s mea culpa came Wednesday in the Oval Office, shortly before the president sat for a hastily arranged interview in which he told the American people that he now supported gay marriage.
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The same-sex marriage debate has exploded back onto the national stage in a matter of days, exposing sharp divisions within and between the parties while offering a muddy portrait of where Americans stand on the issue.

Same-sex marriage bills advanced toward the governor’s desk in three states since last week, with different results.

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire, a Democrat, signed her state’s bill into law Monday. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, vetoed his state’s proposal Friday. The same day, the Maryland House of Delegates narrowly approved same-sex marriage legislation — it is expected to pass the Senate, and would then be assured the signature of Democratic Gov. Martin O’MalleyView full article »


The same-sex marriage movement is about to face a critical test, as New Hampshire lawmakers prepare to vote on a proposal to repeal the state’s 2009 gay marriage law.

With a vote expected on the House floor as early as Wednesday, foes and supporters of the law are clashing in a battle over whether New Hampshire will be the first state to reverse the tide of same-sex marriage with a legislative vote. The debate marks a sharp contrast to the landmark decision last summer to legalize gay marriage in nearby New York, the largest state to approve the unions. View full article »

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