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Sources inside ‘The Colbert Report’ tell that the sudden suspension of Colbert’s Comedy Central show is due to a family emergency.

Comedy Central refused to comment on that information, other than to say that “due to unforeseen circumstances, the show will air repeat episodes on Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February 16.”

Another source close to Colbert’s show also tells that new episodes of the politically minded faux talk show should begin airing soon following the mysterious suspension of programming. View full article »


An Oklahoma hospital in country singer Garth Brooks‘ hometown must return his $500,000 donation because it failed to build a women’s center in honor of his late mother, jurors ruled Tuesday.

Jurors sided with the country star in the breach-of-contract lawsuit he filed against IntegrisCanadian Valley Regional Hospital in Yukon. Brooks said he thought he’d reached a deal in 2005 with the hospital’s president, James Moore, but sued after learning the hospital wanted to use the money for other construction projects. View full article »

General Atomics

U.S. military trainers will be invited back into Pakistan “as early as April or May,” but the nation has ruled out allowing CIA drones back into the country, Fox News has learned.

Relations between the two nations have been at an all-time low since 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in an inadvertent aerial attack by NATO in November.

The Pakistani parliament is reviewing the nature of its relationship with the U.S., and politicians are expected on Jan. 30 to deliver a list of conditions for cooperation to resume. View full article »


Iranians won’t return the advanced RQ-170 Sentinel drone downed in their country late last year but they will give the White House a toy replica.

On Tuesday, Iranian Radio Payam reported that a local company is manufacturing a toy version of the stealth drone one eightieth of its size that will be shipped to the White House. News of the toy brinkmanship was first reported outside Iran by Reuters‘ Mitrak Amiri, who happened to be reporting on a ban on Barbie dolls by the state’s morality police (children’s toys are a hot topic in Iran right now). The report says the miniature drone will be sold in a “variety of colours.” According to Trend, a news site in neighboring Azerbaijan, the toy will be 30×14 cm bearing the inscription “We will trample the U.S.” While the Associated Press merely notes that a company is behind the toy’s rollout, Trend cites an Iranian radio report attributing its production to a “group of Iranian youths.”  View full article »


Mitt Romney returned to the airwaves in Iowa Monday with a new ad that takes a more positive tone than the Republican presidential candidate’s supporters had been going with before the Christmas break, talking about making government “simpler and smaller and smarter.”

“It is a moral imperative for America to stop spending more money than we take in,” Romney says in the ad in which he touts his former role as chief executive. “The experience of balancing budgets is desperately needed in Washington and I will take it there.” View full article »

AP Photo/Harvard University

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg left Harvard University as a dropout with a novel idea. He returned Monday with a triumphant message: He’s hiring.

The 27-year-old CEO received a rock-star welcome during his first official visit since he left for California’s Silicon Valley in 2004. He made his recruitment pitch to 250 students at Harvard after a similar meeting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. View full article »

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