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White House

President Obama, joined by the vice president, spoke with reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

The harshest judges of those in news media are often others in the news media, and, with the benefit of Twitter, that intrajournalistic watchdog role can be performed simultaneously with the journalism being criticized.

Case in point was the White House news conference on Wednesday afternoon, when President Obama made a forceful announcement in response to the massacre of children last week in Newtown, Conn. He said he was directing Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to lead an effort “to come up with a set of concrete proposals” about dealing with gun violence that he would submit to Congress no later than January.
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Calling it the next logical step in a near six-decade evolution, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. said Thursday that it plans to split into two separate publically traded companies.

Under the proposal, one company will operate as a newspaper and book publisher, while the other will be an entertainment company that includes the 20th Century Fox movie studio, the Fox broadcast TV network and the Fox News channel. It may take a year to work out the details.
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Israeli media reports early Tuesday indicate that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reached an agreement with the Kadima opposition party for a unity government, canceling an early election.

There was no immediate comment from official sources on the decision that was reported at about 2 a.m.

The reports came as Israel’s parliament held debates long into the night over whether to disperse ahead of early elections called for the fall. Knesset spokesman Yotam Yakir said no final vote was taken and parliament is not dispersing.
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AP Photo

The Occupy Wall Streeters took a piledriver to the face when former WWF wrestler Ultimate Warrior (Brian Hellwig) called them a bunch of hypocrites.

“I find it a little ironic that most of these kids own iPads and iPhones and all these material things. They’re a big part of the consumerism that goes on in this country,” Warrior told TMZ. View full article »

So, my question is, where do I sign up to be a Fox News contributor!? I mean, geez look at the income that can be made for just being a contributor!

Rick Santorum was hired as a contributor by Fox News in 2010 and then suspended along with Newt Gingrich earlier this year for flirting with a presidential bid. How much was Santorum pulling in while on the Fox dole? $239,000, according to Politico.

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The 47-year-old, possibly drunken gay man that lobbed sexual, “yo mama” insults at Bristol Palin last week at a bar in California saw the error of his ways and came out (sorry) to publicly apologize to Palin on Monday. Since the incident, Stephen Hanks‘ lawyer says Hanks has received death threats against him, his family and his dog, according to The Hollywood Reporter. View full article »

President Obama has another one of those game show-like contests going on where you get a chance to have dinner with him if you donate to his campaign. Obama ran the same contest back in June and Wednesday, he sent out an email blast to potential donors with the same deal: $5 for a chance to dine with the president.

Business Insider published the letter on its site, calling it “creepy” and “unsettling.” We have to agree. The contest itself isn’t disturbing, but the subject line of the email, “Sometime soon, can we meet for dinner?” does have us double-checking the locks on our doors. View full article »

The Blaze

If there were ever a day to brush up on the lyrics of the Start-Spangled Banner (before performing in front of a huge crowd), the tenth anniversary of 9/11 is probably that day. The thought apparently didn’t flutter through singer Cyndi Lauper‘s head when she was selected to sing our National Anthem for the U.S Open on Sunday.

Time after time, the tune is botched by popular recording artists and Lauper followed suit, replacing the original lyrics “O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming“ with ”O’er the ramparts we watched as our flag was still streaming.” Yeah, same part Christina Aguilera fumbled at the Super Bowl earlier this year. View full article »

Sigh. It’s just like junior high gym class… except on live television: View full article »

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