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A 25-year-old man initially arrested Sunday on an assault charge after Lindsay Lohan claimed he grabbed her in a New York hotel room in an argument over cellphone images was freed hours later and his arrest voided when the charge could not be substantiated, law enforcement officials said.

Instead, Christian LaBella of Valley Village, Calif., and Lohan were filing harassment complaints with police against each other after they were interviewed by police about their run-in, law enforcement officials said.
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Prosecutors rejected filing a charge against Lindsay Lohan stemming from a March incident in which a nightclub manager claimed she struck him with her sportscar.

The decision Friday came after police interviewed the manager, reviewed surveillance footage and looked at Lohan’s Porsche and found no evidence that an accident had occurred.

Detectives referred the case to the district attorney’s office, which cited insufficient evidence to support a charge that Lohan left the scene of an accident without stopping.
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Lindsay Lohan attempted to kick off her “comeback” by hosting “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend — and while the ratings were kind, the critics were not.

The opening monologue started off strong, with Lohan gamely joking about her legal and substance abuse problems. Sadly, it was mostly downhill from there, particularly when Lohan stumbled over her lines while playing herself in the “Scared Straight” sketch. View full article »


In the days preceding her “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig, Lindsay Lohan has been hitting the town and making the rounds in New York City, appearing on the “Today Show” and “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

But this time around — Lohan has hosted “SNL” three times previous — instead of sparking reports of late night partying and questionable shenanigans, it is Lohan’s plumped up appearance that has drawn attention. View full article »

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Lindsay Lohan was led out of a Los Angeles County courtroom in handcuffs after having her probation revoked for coming up way short in her community service obligations.

The actress, wearing heavy makeup, was expressionless as law enforcement officials cuffed and shepherded her to an adjacent room where she was placed in custody.

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner set bail at $100,000. Lohan’s spokesman Steve Honig said she immediately posted bail. It was unclear if she had been released. View full article »


TMZ Photo

Good News for Lindsay Lohan: The judge who could end up sending her to jail has decided she doesn’t have to do any community service, at least for now.

Bad News for Lindsay Lohan: She’ll be sweeping up blood and guts at the L.A. County Morgue.

Sources connected with the Probation Department tell TMZ … Judge Stephanie Sautner contacted Probation officials and told them to immediately yank Lindsay from her current community service assignment with the Red Cross. We’re told Judge Sautner ordered the Probation people to immediately assign Lindsay to morgue duty. View full article »


TMZ Photo

Lindsay Lohan
went to a shoplifter’s course last night … apparently trying to prove to a very skeptical judge that she shouldn’t have her probation revoked.

The shoplifter’s course is part of Lindsay’s probation, although it’s curious why she went, because people connected with Lindsay have told TMZ she completed the course. View full article »



Pitbull‘s not getting out of Lindsay Lohan‘s legal doghouse — because she’s blowing off his apology for using her name in a song … and rejecting his invitation to the MTV VMAs.

Lilo recently sued Pit because his song “Give Me Everything” includes a lyric she feels disparages her name. View full article »


TMZ Photo

A woman who believes Lindsay Lohan hired a hit man to kill her filed a request for a restraining order against LiLo in Minnesota last week … but it was rightfully denied.

In the documents, Kathryn Marie Hinich claims she read an article on TMZ stating Lindsay was trying to kill her, but that it wasn’t “just her [Lohan]” — she says there is “some sort of conspiracy to kill me.” View full article »

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