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For some reason, things happen thru the years, and things that were once so fun, well just aren’t as exciting. For me personally, I LOVE Mardi Gras!!! But more than that, I LOVE my “King Cakes.”

However, in recent years, I have noticed that when you purchase a “King Cake” the baby is no longer hidden in the cake. I can vividly recall my sisters and I racing through a King Cake to find the baby. Every year, we anxiously awaited this time of year just so that we could get the cake, and compete to find the baby. Tradition has it, or should I say had it, that whomever found the baby in a given year, they were to buy the King Cake next year. And while we never really played up to that tradition, it was still fun to “try and find the baby.”
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In a defiant display of presidential power, President Barack Obama on Wednesday named a new U.S. chief consumer watchdog, outraging Republicans who warn the president he’ll face a fight in court over the decision.

“Today I’m appointing Richard (Cordray) as America’s consumer watchdog. And that means he’ll be in charge of one thing: looking out for the best interests of American consumers,” Obama said in a speech in a Cleveland suburb. “His job will be to protect families like yours from the abuses of the financial industry.” View full article »



A famous German rapper is being sued for allegedly punching a woman in the face and breaking her nose during a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2009  … TMZ has learned.

Alessandra Mendes claims she was minding her own business on the dance floor during a party for a beverage called Stander … when some “drunk and unruly” dude named Giwar Hajabi — aka Xatar — bumped into her friend. View full article »

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