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Air Raid/ESR

These days everyone’s so scared to broadcast anything having to do with religion! It seems like no one will stand up for God and let their true feelings out for him out! However; Eric Scott Radio will on Sunday, February 12th at noon! ‘Air Raid’ will hit the airwaves and change radio in the most positive way you can! A show filled with positive thoughts and news. A show with nothing but a variety of Christian hits from noon to 4pm every Sunday, starting February 12th! View full article »


Speaking at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Friday, Michael Moore, as usual, dropped a few bombs. Even the “f” bomb. WHAT IS THIS MAN’S PROBLEM? He goes as far as to say maybe Jesus was gay?

“Sorry I said [the f-word] the first time. I didn’t realize I was in a church,” the filmmaker, wearing his trademark trucker cap, joked to an auditorium comprised of a few hundred students, faculty and news media. View full article »

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