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Amanda Knox was waiting anxiously Monday in Seattle to hear if she will face trial again as Italy’s top criminal court considered whether to overturn her acquittal in the murder of her roommate in Italy.

Italian prosecutors have asked the high court to throw out the acquittals of Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend in the murder of 21-year-old British student Meredith Kercher and order a new trial.
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Pope Benedict XVI will be known as “emeritus pope” in his retirement and will continue to wear a white cassock, the Vatican announced Tuesday, again fueling concerns about potential conflicts arising from having both a reigning and a retired pope.

The pope’s title and what he would wear have been a major source of speculation ever since Benedict stunned the world and announced he would resign on Thursday, the first pontiff to do so in 600 years.
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Italian authorities say a powerful earthquake has killed at least 15 people and others may be missing in the latest deadly temblor to hit northern Italy.

The Tuesday morning quake had a 5.8 magnitude, rocking one of Italy’s most productive regions.

Thousands of people have been living in tents in the area since a 6.0 magnitude quake devastated towns north of Bologna on May 20.
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Survivors from a luxury cruise ship that ran aground and tipped over, leaving at least three dead and 69 people still unaccounted for, described Saturday a chaotic evacuation, as plates and glasses crashed and they crawled along upended hallways trying to reach safety.

Based on information provided by local authorities, the U.S. Embassy in Rome estimates that 130 Americans may have been on board.

The Embassy says there are no reports of serious injuries to American citizens, though not all of the Americans believed to have been present on the ship at the time of the accident have been accounted for. View full article »

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PERUGIA, Italy – A jury deliberates the fate of Amanda Knox in an Italian appeals court Monday, as the world awaits the highly anticipated verdict.

After four years behind bars, Knox pleaded with the court to overturn her conviction for murder and allow her to return to the U.S.

Knox delivered a tearful 10-minute address in Italian to the packed courtroom saying she did not kill her British roommate.

“I did not kill. I did not rape. I did not steal. I wasn’t there,” Knox said. View full article »

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