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Apple brings iPhone to China Mobile



Apple says it has reached a deal to bring the iPhone to China Mobile, the world’s biggest phone carrier.

The deal ends a lengthy courtship and could boost sales of the iPhone in China. The iPhone, once hugely popular in China, has been eclipsed by the rise of lower-priced rival smartphones from Samsung and Chinese companies.
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Apple is holding an event in San Francisco during which it announced a new iPhone, capable of faster data speeds and sporting a taller screen. It also unveiled new iTunes software and new iPod devices.

The iPhone 5 will go on sale next week. It will work with fourth-generation, or 4G, cellular networks, something Samsung’s Galaxy S III and many other iPhone rivals already do.

Apple Inc. is also updating its phone software and will ditch Google Inc.’s mapping service for its own. The two have become rivals as Google promotes phones running its Android operating system.
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Apple App Store

iPhones are great tools for both business and pleasure, but now you can combine them with this excellent app. It’s called Metal Detector, and you can guess what it does.

It turns your iPhone into a metal detector, and it really does work! You’ll set out looking for loose change, but you’ll find fun.
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Is Apple losing its “app-eal”?

With such stellar products as the iPhone and iPad, every Apple announcement is a potentially game-changing event. And yesterday’s debut of the new iPhone 4S could also change the marketplace — just not in the way you might think.

By failing to make any major changes to the phone that changed the mobile world — indeed, merely catching up in some areas — Apple has left open the window for Windows and the iPhone’s other competitors, from Samsung to Google to HTC. View full article »


Get ready: Tuesday is iPhone day.

Tim Cook will take the stage for the first time as Apple’s new permanent CEO Tuesday morning, replacing the recently-retired Steve Jobs to reveal the company’s newest gadgets. Cook may not be the star that Jobs has become, but sources at Apple assure me that the holiday product lineup will be the real star of the event. View full article »


The Blaze

Want to destroy the eeeeevil “Big & Powerful” (initials BP) Corporation whose “nasty pollution” is destroying the planet? There’s an app for that — it’s called Blobster.

Apple’s latest game app allows users to clean up after and defeat “Blobzilla,“ the ”sloppy“ and ”very, very greedy” corporate boss of B&P who doesn’t understand the “natural beauty of Blobtopia.” Gizmodo has the scoop: View full article »

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