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CNN tumbles in Ratings for February



February cable ratings are in –  Piers Morgan may be out at CNN, but what about the rest of the network’s primetime, which looked none too good for the month, all losing around half their audience compared to same month last year? CNN‘s Anderson Cooper at 8 PM dropped 47% February to February in overall audience to average 421,000 viewers, and 46% in the news demo to 127,000 viewers for the month, according to Nielsen. In his defense, Cooper’s lead-in, Erin Burnett Outfront, dropped 39% to post an average of 293,000 viewers in February –  CNN’s smallest monthly haul in the timeslot in more than two decades — and slipped 32% in the news demo to 100,000 viewers. Morgan’s getting scrubbed from 9 PM at CNN because, for instance, he logged 347,000 viewers for the month — down 46% –  and 100,000 demo viewers — down 38%.
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Calling it the next logical step in a near six-decade evolution, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. said Thursday that it plans to split into two separate publically traded companies.

Under the proposal, one company will operate as a newspaper and book publisher, while the other will be an entertainment company that includes the 20th Century Fox movie studio, the Fox broadcast TV network and the Fox News channel. It may take a year to work out the details.
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Liberal media watchdog group Media Matters once contemplated harassing Fox News employees with yard signs in their neighborhoods, hiring private investigators to dig into their personal lives and retaining a “major law firm” to study legal action against the network, according to a report Tuesday in the Daily Caller.

The report cited a September 2009 memo from Media Matters contributor Karl Frisch to Media Matters bosses David Brock and Eric Burns. View full article »


Mitt Romney was put on defense out of the box at Monday night’s Republican presidential primary debate — answering questions about his record at private venture firm, Bain Capital; distancing himself from super PAC ads against fellow candidates; defending his record as Massachusetts governor, and dodging demands that he release his tax records.

But Romney fired back against the onslaught, saying he is proud of his record in business and as governor. View full article »

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If electability had been the question for primary candidates in 1980, Ronald Reagan would have never become president, Newt Gingrich said Thursday, answering challenges about whether he could be embraced by the electorate in the race to beat President Obama in 2012.

Clearly, Reagan ended up convincing primary voters that he had the right policies, and he went on to beat Jimmy Carter by a larger margin than Franklin Delano Roosevelt beat Herbert Hoover in 1932, Gingrich, a longtime history professor, said during the Fox News Republican presidential primary debate in Sioux City, Iowa. View full article »


This is it.

The Republican presidential candidates will have one last chance on the national stage Thursday night to make their case to voters before the frantic season of caucuses and primaries gets underway. At the Fox News debate in Sioux City, Iowa, everybody but front-runner Newt Gingrich is looking to shake up the race in a big way.  View full article »

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Gloria Cain, wife of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, says claims of sex harassment against her husband left her wondering who his accusers are talking about.

“To hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman, and I know that’s not the person he is. He totally respects women,” Gloria Cain told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren in an interview that will air Monday night at 9 p.m. View full article »

So, my question is, where do I sign up to be a Fox News contributor!? I mean, geez look at the income that can be made for just being a contributor!

Rick Santorum was hired as a contributor by Fox News in 2010 and then suspended along with Newt Gingrich earlier this year for flirting with a presidential bid. How much was Santorum pulling in while on the Fox dole? $239,000, according to Politico.

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Fox News

Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has some sass to her and viewers of Monday night’s “O’Reilly Factor,” got a taste of it.

Bill O’Reilly asked Bachmann what it would take for her to vote to raise the debt ceiling. She said Democrats would have to vote to cut spending “an enormous amount” and “they would have to defund Obamacare.” Then they had the following exchange and that’s when things got real fresh and snappy: View full article »

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