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CPSO arrests woman for filing a False Police Report



TOTALLY HITS RADIO | LAKE CHARLES, LA. — On June 10, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from Stephanie N. McGehee, 19, 2609 Melba Street, Sulphur, regarding a woman physically abusing a 7 year old family member. McGehee advised deputies she observed the woman strike the child on her buttocks and face, causing numerous bruises and marks, and also accused the woman of throwing the child up against the wall.

When questioned by detectives, McGehee confirmed the allegations she made were not true and the bruises and marks on the child were actually obtained during horseplay with another child after McGehee fell asleep while she was supposed to be babysitting the children. McGehee confirmed she filed a false police report because she did not want to be accused of hurting or causing the bruises to the 7 year old child.
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Newt Gingrich denied claims by his second ex-wife Thursday that he once asked her to agree to an “open marriage,” kicking off a presidential debate in South Carolina with a fiery defense of his personal life.

“The story is false,” Gingrich said.

The former House speaker was asked about a pair of interviews his ex-wife Marianne granted in which she leveled the charge about him seeking an open marriage – at the time, Gingrich was seeing Callista, whom he later married. View full article »


Herman Cain announced Saturday that he is suspending his campaign for president, telling a crowd of supporters in his home state that the allegations of sexual harassment and infidelity had become too big a burden on his family.

His wife Gloria standing by his side in a rare public appearance, Cain decried the sustained accusations as false and declared he is “at peace” with his wife and with himself. But he said the claims have “sidetracked and distracted” from his ability to present a new vision for the country, as well as impacted his ability to raise money. View full article »


The latest anti-business viral video burning up the liberal blogosphere today seems heart-wrenching… that is, until you do your homework.

Robert Stephens graduated from Carleton College (average cost: $42,942/year) in 2010 and now studies law at The George Washington University Law School (average cost: $70,449/year). His father has a Ph.D. and two master’s degrees; his mother also has a master’s degree. Only in America could a kid have been blessed with so much… and only in America could he still claim to be a victim. America’s capitalist society has apparently leveled a grave injustice against his family and Robert will not stand for it.  View full article »

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