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CPSO arrests woman for Bite Mark to Child’s Face



ERIC SCOTT RADIO | LAKE CHARLES, LA. — On April 14, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives received a complaint regarding a 6 year old boy with what appeared to be a human bite mark on his cheek.

During the investigation, detectives discovered Geneva M. Young, 28, 810 Garden Drive, Westlake, a family member of the victim, bit the victim to discipline him and instructed him, if asked, to say his dog bit him.

When questioned by detectives, Young confirmed the allegations.
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White House

President Obama, joined by the vice president, spoke with reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

The harshest judges of those in news media are often others in the news media, and, with the benefit of Twitter, that intrajournalistic watchdog role can be performed simultaneously with the journalism being criticized.

Case in point was the White House news conference on Wednesday afternoon, when President Obama made a forceful announcement in response to the massacre of children last week in Newtown, Conn. He said he was directing Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to lead an effort “to come up with a set of concrete proposals” about dealing with gun violence that he would submit to Congress no later than January.
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Occupy protesters in the nation’s capital face a noon deadline Monday to vacate two parks within sight of the White House or face arrest.

The deadline in Washington comes as the city of Oakland, Calif., vows to keep out anti-Wall Street protesters it says are turning the city into their private playground, after more than 400 people were arrested over the weekend on charges ranging from failure to disperse to vandalism. View full article »


Ron Paul boasts that he gets more fundraising dollars from military members than any other Republican presidential candidate, but the enthusiastic support of one enlisted man could get the supporter in trouble.

Cpl. Jesse Thorsen spoke at Paul’s post-Iowa caucuses rally to give his support for the Texas congressman and his non-interventionist — critics say isolationist — policies calling for strict limits on the use of U.S. military power.

But Thorsen, 28, a reservist who preceded his appearance at the rally with an interview on CNN, was wearing his fatigues, and that is a violation of military code. View full article »


The Discovery Channel’s hit reality series “Moonshiners” has millions of fans tuning in each week to watch the adventures of outlaw distillers in rural Virginia and the state liquor authorities who keep tabs on their activities. But the open flouting of state liquor laws by homespun characters with names like Tickle and Popcorn has some viewers – and authorities – questioning the show’s veracity.

“If illegal activity was actually taking place, the Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement would have taken action,” the state agency that regulates the sale of alcohol in Virginia said in a statement on December 29.

Not so fast, says “Moonshiners” star Tim Smith. View full article »


TMZ Photo

Dallas police have released the 911 tape from the Nicki Minaj hotel fight last month — in which you can hear a woman, referred to as “Nicki,” scream … “Look at what he did to my face!” 

As TMZ first reported, cops responded to the Palomar Hotel on July 12th — after Nicki complained that some guy she knew hit her in the face with a suitcase. View full article »



The host of “Repo Games” got a whole new lease on life after that shootout — in fact, he hit the Vegas strip ONE DAY after the incident to celebrate … by ferociously motorboating some chick. View full article »

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