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NOLA has one of the Coldest Mardi Gras Ever



It was a cold, wet day for Mardi Gras participants in New Orleans Tuesday.

The high temperature hit 39 degrees for the Big Easy, more than 20 degrees below the date’s average temperature of 69 degrees. It will rests at the coldest high temperature on record for a Mardi Gras, which was 39 degrees on Feb. 14, 1899.
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And you thought Anne Hathaway and James Franco were bad … Despite Angelina Jolie’s strange “leg pose” and Jennifer Lopez’s near wardrobe malfunction, the 84th Annual Academy Awards turned out to be a total snoozefest.

Like millions of Americans, we had to fight really, really hard not to pack it in around 10 p.m. EST — everyone knew “The Artist” was going to win for best picture, so what was the point of staying awake? View full article »

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