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Financial markets around the world are celebrating the climactic New Year’s agreement to avert scheduled tax increases and budget cuts in the United States. But the party could be a short one.

While Congress’ action ended a stubborn stalemate and prevented the nation from going over a “fiscal cliff” and possibly tumbling back into recession, the terms of the bipartisan pact helped erect an even larger fiscal precipice.
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The top Senate negotiators on the effort to prevent the government from going over the “fiscal cliff” offered a pessimistic assessment Sunday, barely 24 hours before a deadline to avert tax hikes on virtually every American worker. But negotiations continued, with Vice President Joe Biden taking on a new role.

With the two sides differing on the income threshold for higher tax rates and how to deal with inheritance taxes, among other issues, talks between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell appeared to have broken down. A McConnell spokesman said the Kentucky Republican reached out to Biden, a longtime friend, in hopes of breaking the impasse.
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President Obama is set to give 10 states a pass regarding an approaching deadline under the No Child Left Behind law, after the states struggled to meet the proficiency standards for reading and math.

The executive action will circumvent Congress, which has been stuck on how to rewrite the law. A White House official confirmed to Fox News on Thursday that the 10 states will receive “flexibility” allowing them to miss 2014 targets for student proficiency. However, those states will be required to set new targets, and implement “comprehensive” plans to reward high-performing schools, punish low-performing schools, prepare students for college and the work force and evaluate school officials. View full article »


Occupy protesters in the nation’s capital face a noon deadline Monday to vacate two parks within sight of the White House or face arrest.

The deadline in Washington comes as the city of Oakland, Calif., vows to keep out anti-Wall Street protesters it says are turning the city into their private playground, after more than 400 people were arrested over the weekend on charges ranging from failure to disperse to vandalism. View full article »

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With the clock winding down on a midnight deadline to abandon their weeks-old Occupy Los Angeles protest, hundreds of demonstrators weren’t going anywhere Sunday, as they made plans instead to hold an “eviction block party.”

Although city officials have told protesters they must leave and take their nearly 500 tents with them by 12:01 a.m. Monday, just a handful were seen packing up Sunday. View full article »

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The White House on Thursday missed the noon deadline for responding to the Republican-approved subpoena issued last week demanding the White House turn over “all documents” pertaining to the Solyndra loan guarantee.

But while White House aides earlier told Fox News there are no plans to produce more documents on the bankrupt solar panel firm until Republicans agree to narrow the scope of their request, House Republicans issued a statement saying they expect some response from the White House by the end of the day.  View full article »


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Jennifer Lopez might be moving on from hubby Marc Anthony in a big way — because last night she went out on a date with Bradley Cooper … TMZ has learned.

We’re told the two hit up Per Se, a restaurant located at Columbus Circle in New York City. We’re told the dinner was “romantic” and was just the two of them. View full article »

Atlantic Records

Well, that didn’t take long …

Yes, minutes after T.I. was released from prison, the rapper began shooting a post-prison reality show for VH1 … we have learned.

According to VH1, the show will follow T.I. as he “re-adjusts to life as a free man after being incarcerated for nearly a year in a Federal prison in Arkansas.” View full article »


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Hurricane Irene is screwing with Simon Cowell‘s new show — TMZ has learned Mariah Carey had to cancel a “very important” video shoot for “X-factor” because she couldn’t travel … and we’re told it’s thrown the show into “utter chaos.”

Sources connected to the show tell us Mariah is in New York and was supposed to fly to meet Simon at a secret location to begin taping a special segment for the show in the last few days. View full article »

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