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Starbucks bringing back Cake Slices

Starbucks/New York City

Starbucks/New York City

Starbucks is learning that people really like their sliced cake loaves.

The Seattle-based coffee company says it will start bringing back its cake slices in response to customer feedback. The company had been getting rid of the slices that came in banana, iced lemon and pumpkin flavors as part of a staggered rollout of its pricier new baked goods. In their place, Starbucks offered what looked like miniature loaves that cost $2.45, an increase of 20 cents.
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More than 800,000 subscribers fled Netflix in the third quarter amid rising prices and growing anger at the company’s flip-flopping business model.

Alongside of those customers went a lot of goodwill with investors, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Netflix shares traded around $75 for the first time in 18 months, a 36 percent plunge Tuesday that continued a dramatic tumble that has erased about $12 billion from the company’s market value in just 104 days. View full article »

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