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Food stamp recipients are ripping off the government for millions of dollars by illegally selling their benefit cards for cash – sometimes even in the open, on eBay or Craigslist – and then asking the government for replacement cards.

The Agriculture Department wants to curb the practice by giving states more power to investigate people who repeatedly claim to lose their benefit cards.
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President Barack Obama and other leaders of the Group of Eight industrial nations expressed hope Saturday that Greece will remain in the Eurozone, anxious to keep its economic troubles from spreading around the world. The leaders said all of the nations have an interest in the success of efforts to strengthen the eurozone and help Europe’s economy grow.

Obama said the leaders agreed that Europe’s financial crisis must be addressed with a mix of growth and austerity measures, as they huddled for a shirt-sleeve discussion that also covered world concerns about ups and downs in oil prices.
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Even before the sudden death of her mother Whitney Houston on Saturday, there were concerns for her only child, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Brown,18, was reportedly involved in a hauntingly similar bathtub scenario the day before her mom was found dead underwater. Security at the Beverly Hilton Hotel was called to Brown’s room, which was booked under her mother’s name, and on the same floor as Houston’s room. They were forced to unlock the bathroom door when Brown wouldn’t answer. According to TMZ, Brown was found asleep in her bathtub. View full article »


Members of Congress are pressing the Department of Homeland Security to provide more information about a controversial social-media monitoring program, citing “privacy and civil liberties concerns.”

The lawmakers, the Republican and Democratic heads of a House counterterrorism panel, expressed support for the goal of the program, calling social media a “crucial source” of intelligence around the world. They said in a letter last month that it is “advantageous” for DHS to draw out information to “identify current or emerging threats to our homeland security.” View full article »


A rash of attacks on Christian-owned businesses in northern Iraq has raised troubling questions about the future safety of the country’s shrinking Christian community, particularly as U.S. forces withdraw completely from the nation they’ve refereed since 2003.

The attacks, which have received little international attention, raged through northern cities following a sermon last Friday by a local mullah. Video purportedly from the riots posted online shows mobs burning and wrecking businesses, which included liquor stores, hotels and hair salons.  View full article »

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