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Who knew that in the ancient Mayan calendar, they would have predicted so much that pointed to the end of the world? Like the exact date that Lindsay Lohan’s horrendous Elizabeth Taylor biopic “Liz & Dick” would air on Lifetime? That Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s egos would collide during “American Idol” auditions? That Donald Trump would act even more bizarrely than he did in 2011? And that Brad Pitt was even making a Chanel ad?

Seeing all that in their crystal ball, it’s understandable that the Mayans would have predicted doomsday in 2012. Little did they know that these celeb antics just pointed to yet another year in La-La Land.
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In the days preceding her “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig, Lindsay Lohan has been hitting the town and making the rounds in New York City, appearing on the “Today Show” and “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

But this time around — Lohan has hosted “SNL” three times previous — instead of sparking reports of late night partying and questionable shenanigans, it is Lohan’s plumped up appearance that has drawn attention. View full article »


The Colts weren’t the only people who got their butts whooped in Indianapolis last night … Chris Brown fell HARD on his ass during an Indy concert … but unlike the NFL team, Chris actually recovered. View full article »

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