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Good News for Lindsay Lohan: The judge who could end up sending her to jail has decided she doesn’t have to do any community service, at least for now.

Bad News for Lindsay Lohan: She’ll be sweeping up blood and guts at the L.A. County Morgue.

Sources connected with the Probation Department tell TMZ … Judge Stephanie Sautner contacted Probation officials and told them to immediately yank Lindsay from her current community service assignment with the Red Cross. We’re told Judge Sautner ordered the Probation people to immediately assign Lindsay to morgue duty. View full article »


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Lindsay Lohan
went to a shoplifter’s course last night … apparently trying to prove to a very skeptical judge that she shouldn’t have her probation revoked.

The shoplifter’s course is part of Lindsay’s probation, although it’s curious why she went, because people connected with Lindsay have told TMZ she completed the course. View full article »

Dr. Conrad Murray

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Dr. Conrad Murray would NOT be on trial today for Michael Jackson‘s death … had he politely declined to speak with cops 2 days after MJ passed … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources directly connected with the decision to prosecute Murray tell TMZ … Murray’s 2-hour interview with LAPD detectives at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey gave prosecutors the ammo to charge the doc.

Our sources all say, prosecutors almost declined to file the case, but the police interview made all the difference. View full article »


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Amanda Knox was just found not guilty of the murder of her college roommate, while Casey Anthony was acquitted for the murder of her daughter earlier this year.

Question is … Who do you rather?  View full article »


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The suspicious, white-powder-containing letter that triggered an emergency situation at CBS Studios in Hollywood today was intended for “Dancing with the Stars” … law enforcement tells TMZ.

TMZ broke the story … emergency vehicles were called to the studio after an unknown white powder spilled out of a letter inside the CBS mailroom. View full article »


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Scarlett Johanssons lawyer is on the attack — warning a bunch of websites that Scarlett owns the copyright to her HACKED nude pics and anyone who doesn’t take ’em down will FACE HIS WRATH!!!!

TMZ has learned … Scarlett’s attorney — legal pit bull Marty Singer — has fired off threatening letters to various sites including TheDirty.com … demanding that the sites remove the “stolen copyright protected private photographs” immediately  … or face legal action. View full article »


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Snooki swears she’s NOT an Obscene person … but she claims the Obscene Jeans company used her name to promote the brand anyway … and now the MTV star is calling them out.

It’s all over a press release Obscene sent out Monday — announcing a new product placement deal with Celeb Branding, LLC to “outfit the female cast members of ‘Jersey Shore’ in its hottest new fashions.” The statement mentions Snooki, Jwoww, Deena and Sammi by name. View full article »


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A man who allegedly threatened to shoot Ne-Yo in the head was detained for a psychiatric evaluation in L.A. … and top ranking execs at Sony Music believe they are also on the hit list.

Sony Music Entertainment has just obtained a temporary restraining order against Jeff Choi — who allegedly has been making deranged, escalating threats for months … because he believes the music company released several songs ABOUT HIM without permission. View full article »


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Rapper Paul Wall claims he was unfairly targeted by a police officer in El Paso this weekend … and claims he’s prepared to fight his marijuana possession case … if push comes to shove.

TMZ spoke with Wall’s rep … who tells us cops entered the nightclub where Wall and fellow rapper Baby Bash had performed and told the rappers that their rented van smelled like marijuana. View full article »

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