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A former attorney for Casey Anthony confirmed Thursday that a “video diary” posted to YouTube is that of Anthony but said the video was not “legally obtained.”

The Orlando mother found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, talks about her well-being and references being kept in an undisclosed location in the four-minute clip that surfaced on YouTube Thursday. It is not clear where the back-and-white video originated, though multiple reports say it first appeared on a website called View full article »


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Amanda Knox was just found not guilty of the murder of her college roommate, while Casey Anthony was acquitted for the murder of her daughter earlier this year.

Question is … Who do you rather?  View full article »


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Casey Anthony‘s parents reportedly have a brand new theory in the death of their granddaughter — suggesting Casey may have been incapacitated from a seizure while Caylee was drowning in “the swimming pool incident.”

According to,Cindy and George Anthony revealed their theory to Dr. Phil during their recent sit-down interview. View full article »


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Nancy Grace doesn’t think there’s a chance in hell Casey Anthony will vote for her on “Dancing with the Stars” — but she DOES have some advice for the Tot Mom … Confess and go to jail.

Only one problem with Nancy’s advice — it’s the whole Constitution thing, which prohibits double jeopardy. View full article »


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Casey Anthony’s parents are finally opening up about what REALLY happened to their granddaughter — revealing NEW information that could have changed the outcome of the case … at least that’s what Dr. Phil wants you to believe. View full article »


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Casey Anthony has decided NOT to enter a treatment facility for “obvious mental health issues” — instead, TMZ has learned, she’s getting professional psychiatric help delivered right to her front door.

Sources close to Casey tell TMZ, she’s concerned about leaving her Florida home — where she’s serving a year of probation for her check fraud case — but Casey still understands she needs mental help. View full article »


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Casey Anthony ain’t wasting her time while she serves her probation in Florida — TMZ has learned, she’s going back to college … on the Internet.

Sources close to Casey tell TMZ, she hasn’t decided what field to pursue just yet — but she’s adamant about bettering herself while confined to the Sunshine State … and wants to start taking online courses ASAP. View full article »


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Casey Anthony is still living in fear of death threats … and the Florida Department of Corrections has announced it will keep all of Casey’s probation information CONFIDENTIAL in an effort to keep her safe.

The FDOC released a statement to TMZ saying, “The court has directed us to keep confidential the offender’s residence or any information that could lead to the discovery of her location because of the death threats against her.” View full article »


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Jose Baez, Casey Anthony‘s lawyer, is being investigated by the State Bar of Florida, for possible ethical violations — specifically, hiding information from the court.

The probe was triggered over a dogfight involving Anthony’s 2010 conviction for check fraud.  She was placed on 1 year’s probation, but the judge in the case made it clear on the bench — the time Casey sat in jail awaiting her murder trial would not count toward the completion of probation. View full article »

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