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A Republican critic of the Obama administration’s drone policy succeeded Wednesday in blocking a vote on John Brennan’s nomination to be CIA director over questions about the possible use of the unmanned weapons against American citizens.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., mounted a filibuster against President Barack Obama’s pick to lead the spy agency and he demanded that Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder issue a statement making clear that drones would not be used in the United States to kill terrorism suspects who are U.S. citizens.
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Russia and China vetoed a United Nations resolution Saturday calling on Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down, despite fresh appeals by President Obama and other world leaders following the deadly assault by Syrian forces on the city of Homs.

Activists say Syrian forces killed more than 200 people in what may be the bloodiest confrontation of the uprising against Assad’s regime. Leading up to the U.N. Security Council meeting, Obama condemned the “unspeakable assault” and called on other nations to support the Arab League-backed resolution. View full article »

Kid Rock/AP

When GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s team was looking for a theme song for his campaign, Kid Rock’s hit “Born Free” hit a chord. But instead of doing what countless other politicians before him had done, simply take the song and start blasting it at events, Romney first asked Rock’s permission.

Attorney Larry Iser is taking credit for Romney’s ask first, use song later approach. View full article »


A high-ranking Iranian official has said Iran’s military will practice sealing off the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s most important oil transport channel, in a provocative move that illustrates Iran’s capability of disrupting the world’s oil supply.

The announcement Monday by Parviz Sarvari sent oil prices up about $3 to $100 a barrel based on the speculation of a disruption during the military drills, Bloomberg reported. View full article »

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