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Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith has shaped his life, but he barely mentioned it as he spoke to graduates at an evangelical Christian university Saturday.

And he barely touched on hot-button social issues like abortion and gay marriage, instead offering a broad-based defense of values like family and hard work.

“Culture – what you believe, what you value, how you live – matters,” Romney told graduates gathered in the football stadium on Liberty University’s campus in the Virginia mountains. “The American culture promotes personal responsibility, the dignity of work, the value of education, the merit of service, devotion to a purpose greater than self, and at the foundation, the preeminence of the family.”
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President Barack Obama said Vice President Joe Biden got “a little bit over his skis” in publicly embracing gay marriage, forcing Obama to speed up his own plans to announce his historic support for the right of same-sex couples to marry.

“Would I have preferred to have done this in my own way, in my own terms, without I think, there being a lot of notice to everybody? Sure,” Obama said. “But all’s well that ends well.”
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White House

Vice President Biden claimed Friday that Leon Panetta was the only member of the inner circle who definitively urged President Obama to green-light the raid on Usama bin Laden’s compound, as Biden discussed new details about the behind-the-scenes deliberations.

Biden, speaking to the House Democratic Issues Conference in Maryland, candidly admitted that he told the president not to go forward with the mission. Biden said at the time he thought the administration should do more to find out whether bin Laden was actually inside the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. View full article »

AP Photo

First, Vice President Joe Biden explained to his Chinese counterparts that their notorious one-child policy was something he could “fully understand,” and the White House tried to walk back the astounding comment. View full article »


AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

If you can’t get Joe Biden to listen to your grievance in Washington, try while he’s in the Hamptons on vacation. That‘s the strategy the Verizon labor union workers tried Wednesday at the vice president’s New York getaway home, according to ABC News. From Massachusetts to D.C, about 45 thousand workers have been protesting a contract with the telecommunications company. View full article »

Joe BidenCBS

For Speaker John Boehner, it was Jell-O.

For President Obama, it was peas.

Now, for Vice President Joe Biden, it’s “seed corn.” Whatever that is.

In an interview with CBS just before the House approved a debt ceiling plan Monday, Biden was asked whether he‘d ever seen a bipartisan deficit reduction panel’s recommendation embraced by both parties. In his answer, he said discretionary spending should be cut “without eating your seed corn”: View full article »


New York Post

Could President Obama be growing tired of Vice President Joe Biden’s seemingly endless gaffes, or of what some perceive is Biden’s increasing irrelevance? So tired he would actually choose another running mate to lead him into 2012? If prominent political strategists including William Powers — the GOP power broker responsible for electing Rudy Giuliani mayor – are correct, Obama might consider replacing his current Vice President with freshman New York governor Andrew Cuomo. In turn, strategists predict Biden might then fill Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s shoes. Seriously? View full article »

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