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President Barack Obama ramped up pressure on Monday on Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner to step down, calling his Internet sex scandal a distraction from the work that Washington needs to get done. I mean, yes it’s a distraction, but geez, we have way more problems! Like the golfing…..that’s the biggest distraction! View full article »


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If there’s one lesson one could learn from this and about the internet is once you post something or share something online, well…it’s out there for a while! Another day means another picture for Rep. Anthony Weiner! View full article »

Anthony Weiner

AP Photo/David Karp

Just hours after three leading Democrats called on him to resign, Rep. Anthony Weiner announced he will take a leave of absence from Congress and enter a treatment program. I mean lets face it, we know the man needs help and not only because his name is Weiner! View full article »

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