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All The Hits! All The Time!

THR Photo

THR Photo

Totally Hits Radio is your one stop shop for all of the hits! Ranging in a huge variety of music 24-7! We concentrate on top 40 hits with a mixture of the recent country hits, and some Cajun hits to spice it up some! Check us out right now!
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All Country Every Sunday Night!

THR Photo

THR Photo

Join us every Sunday night for Totally Country! The best way to settle down before Monday hits! Starting at 7pm every Sunday night! Just another way Totally Hits Radio is the best fit for you and your southern lifestyle!
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ES Radio Media

ES Radio Media

Eric Scott has announced the change of the day and time of the Dance N’ Trance Show! The show at it’s current time slot every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. is moving to Saturday nights at 10 p.m. Dance N’ Trance will follow ‘Al Walser’s Top 20 Mix Show Countdown’ that airs every Saturday night live from Hollywood, California at 9 p.m. on Eric Scott Radio.

The show has been on Tuesday nights since it’s creation on 92.1 KISSFM, Lake Charles, in 2007! The show was originally on Tuesday nights at 11 p.m. on KISSFM. This has been and still is the only radio show around SWLA and SETX that will concentrate one solid hour of dance, trance, breakbeat, house, and dubstep music all beat mixed together by Eric Scott locally.
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Tune in tonight for the last Mixshow of 2012 and the first Mixshow of 2013! That’s right! Join Eric Scott live in the mix from his family’s party in Iowa, Louisiana tonight at 7p.m. Wile the FM stations are still slamming all of the same junk down your throat, loaded with commercial after commercial, we will be slamming you with the party music that made the clubs go boom on 2012!
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Air Raid/ESR

These days everyone’s so scared to broadcast anything having to do with religion! It seems like no one will stand up for God and let their true feelings out for him out! However; Eric Scott Radio will on Sunday, February 12th at noon! ‘Air Raid’ will hit the airwaves and change radio in the most positive way you can! A show filled with positive thoughts and news. A show with nothing but a variety of Christian hits from noon to 4pm every Sunday, starting February 12th! View full article »

Kid Rock/AP

When GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s team was looking for a theme song for his campaign, Kid Rock’s hit “Born Free” hit a chord. But instead of doing what countless other politicians before him had done, simply take the song and start blasting it at events, Romney first asked Rock’s permission.

Attorney Larry Iser is taking credit for Romney’s ask first, use song later approach. View full article »

You might say that Lady Gaga’s year really began in an egg.

That’s how she arrived at the Grammys in February, encased in a large, translucent pod carried by scantily clad dancers. When she “hatched” onstage, she effectively gave birth to “Born This Way,” performing the eponymous lead single of her second studio album and anthem to self-acceptance. In 2011, the album would carry her around the world, where she rarely went unnoticed. View full article »


A Los Angeles judge sentenced Dr. Conrad Murray to four years in jail Tuesday for the involuntary manslaughter death of Michael Jackson.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor said Tuesday that Jackson died because of Murray’s criminal negligence, and denied the defense’s request for probation.

Murray, 58, is to serve out the four years in Los Angeles County jail, according to Pastor’s ruling. He could serve less than the four year sentence because of overcrowding in California jails. View full article »

The Colts weren’t the only people who got their butts whooped in Indianapolis last night … Chris Brown fell HARD on his ass during an Indy concert … but unlike the NFL team, Chris actually recovered. View full article »

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