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ES Radio Media

Eric Scott has announced the change of the day and time of the Dance N’ Trance Show! The show at it’s current time slot every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. is moving to Saturday nights at 10 p.m. Dance N’ Trance will follow ‘Al Walser’s Top 20 Mix Show Countdown’ that airs every Saturday night live from Hollywood, California at 9 p.m. on Eric Scott Radio.

The show has been on Tuesday nights since it’s creation on 92.1 KISSFM, Lake Charles, in 2007! The show was originally on Tuesday nights at 11 p.m. on KISSFM. This has been and still is the only radio show around SWLA and SETX that will concentrate one solid hour of dance, trance, breakbeat, house, and dubstep music all beat mixed together by Eric Scott locally.
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Tune in tonight for the last Mixshow of 2012 and the first Mixshow of 2013! That’s right! Join Eric Scott live in the mix from his family’s party in Iowa, Louisiana tonight at 7p.m. Wile the FM stations are still slamming all of the same junk down your throat, loaded with commercial after commercial, we will be slamming you with the party music that made the clubs go boom on 2012!
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L’Auberge Lake Charles

Yes! It’s already that time of year again! Time to ring in 2013 and say goodbye to 2012! Assuming the world is still here for New Year’s Eve, you will be looking and trying to figure out where to count down and have a toast!

Well, we have the perfect spot for you! Jack Daniel’s Bar & Grill inside of L’Auberge Lake Charles! DJ Adrianna all the way from Las Vegas will be hosting the party and live in the mix! Not only is she HOT but she can spin some HOTT beats! She will be in the mix starting at 9pm! Featuring the Ladies of L’Auberge Go Go Dancers, party favors, and the awesome iconic midnight toast!
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Vanderbilt University

A Christian student group at Vanderbilt University has been told by the school’s administration that it will lose its recognized status on campus unless the group removes its requirement that its leaders have a “personal commitment to Jesus Christ,” says a Christian legal association.

Despite a discussion with school officials at the beginning of the year that led members of the group to believe their bylaws were approved, the group was told last week that the university’s new policy barring religious groups from selecting members and leaders based on faith requirements will disqualify the group next school year.
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Eric Scott will be covering the live action here! Keep up-to-date with the game even when you can’t make it! Don’t miss a beat! Check back at 7pm for the update via Twitter feed in below on this page! View full article »


New Jersey’s Assembly passed a same-sex marriage bill late Thursday afternoon that would make it the eighth state to allow homosexual couples to marry. But Republican Gov. Chris Christie, promising “swift action,” has pledged to veto the measure.

Today’s 42-33 lower chamber vote came on the heels of the Senate’s 24-16 vote in favor of the measure. In the Senate, two Republicans voted in favor of the bill while two Democrats voted no.

The real challenge now for proponents of same-sex marriage is to get more Republicans to vote in favor of overturning the governor’s veto, which Gov. Christie says will not happen. Past attempts to override Christie’s veto on other issues have all failed. View full article »

Scan with your smartphone

At Eric Scott Radio, we like to stay up-to-date with the latest technology! I know you’ve probably seen them all over town and online, QR Codes. They are really cool and useful! Some stores use them to put special deals or info on products. Well, we are using it for pure simple listening live!! View full article »

Air Raid/ESR

These days everyone’s so scared to broadcast anything having to do with religion! It seems like no one will stand up for God and let their true feelings out for him out! However; Eric Scott Radio will on Sunday, February 12th at noon! ‘Air Raid’ will hit the airwaves and change radio in the most positive way you can! A show filled with positive thoughts and news. A show with nothing but a variety of Christian hits from noon to 4pm every Sunday, starting February 12th! View full article »

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Get ready for a New Year’s Eve you won’t forget this Saturday night at City Limits! Not only is it a New Year’s Eve party, but it’s also right in the middle of LADIES NIGHT! Yep! Ladies in FREE and get those ladies night drink specials like every Friday night, during the New Year’s Eve Party! View full article »

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