TOTALLY HITS RADIO | LAKE CHARLES, LA. — Today, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office re-arrested Austin L. Dailey, 20, Moss Bluff, at the Calcasieu Correctional Center and charged him with 2 counts of sexual battery and battery of the infirmed.

Dailey was previously arrested on June 24 after an investigation revealed during a verbal altercation between Dailey and a 7 month pregnant victim, Dailey punched, pushed and put his hands around the victim’s neck and choked her. Dailey also held a knife against the victim’s forearm, leaving an abrasion. When an 80 year old family member of Dailey’s attempted to help the victim, he was also struck by Dailey. He was booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center and charged with aggravated battery; possession of CDS IV (Alprazolam); exploitation of the infirmed; and domestic abuse battery against a pregnant victim.

Following that arrest, CPSO detectives continued their investigation and learned the day before on June 23, Dailey had pushed and grabbed the same 80 year old family member by his shirt collar. Detectives also discovered Dailey used his penis to slap the elderly victim in the face.

Judge Michael Canaday set his bond at $900,000 on the new charges, bringing his total bond to $1,225,000.
Dailey was also arrested by CPSO in May 2013 for cruelty to the infirmed and September 2012 for domestic abuse battery, all involving the same elderly family member.

CPSO Detective Michael Primeaux is the lead investigator on both cases.

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