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ES Radio Media

Eric Scott has announced the change of the day and time of the Dance N’ Trance Show! The show at it’s current time slot every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. is moving to Saturday nights at 10 p.m. Dance N’ Trance will follow ‘Al Walser’s Top 20 Mix Show Countdown’ that airs every Saturday night live from Hollywood, California at 9 p.m. on Eric Scott Radio.

The show has been on Tuesday nights since it’s creation on 92.1 KISSFM, Lake Charles, in 2007! The show was originally on Tuesday nights at 11 p.m. on KISSFM. This has been and still is the only radio show around SWLA and SETX that will concentrate one solid hour of dance, trance, breakbeat, house, and dubstep music all beat mixed together by Eric Scott locally.

With the growing numbers of listeners on Tuesday nights and appreciation for the music and show, we have decided to give it a more prime-time slot at a good time, for those on their way to the clubs world wide on Saturday nights! This will complete the party vibe on the station that starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 2 a.m. This will also give the show a chance to be heard by many more who love the dance genre of music as they are throwing down Saturday night parties!

The show’s history is quite interesting. It all started one night as Eric Scott was driving along I-10 listening to his station he managed, 92.1 KISSFM/KTSR-FM in Lake Charles, La. He had already spiked in the regional dance hits to rotate at night, and had heard one of them playing as he was driving late one Tuesday night. This made a chill run through Eric and made him floor it to the station! Getting to the station around 10:50 p.m. he hurried and loaded an hour of nothing but dance songs and station imaging! After the legal ID at the top of the hour, he announced there’s a new show in town for the dance lovers, the Dance Show! LET’S GO! Soon into the show he came up with the name Dance and Trance Show! From that moment forward Eric was at the station playing dance music every Tuesday night at 11!

How did the show end up at his home studio in the mix? Well, this all has to do with a local night club closing down. They had been broadcasting live at this club with an antenna on a long poll attached to the back of the building through what radio stations use, a Marti unit. Soon after the club closed, Eric took the antenna home with him to his apartment south of town on Lake St. This is when the show’s music started originating from the KISS studio and Eric merely just talked on the air from his home studio using the antenna he salvaged,  connected to a mic stand raised as high as it would go outside on the balcony of his apartment. Good times! That’s when the traditional BBQ party started at Eric Scott’s apartment and when people would come hang out and go live with him during the show.

ES Radio Media

ES Radio Media

In 2008, Eric moved into a new place of Nelson which gave them a better opportunity to invite more people, video the show live, and go live in the mix! By then, Eric and Aaron Shae have salvaged enough knowledge and equipment to actually completely go live “music and all” from his new home studio with a pole on the side of the house and the antenna on the very top, faced towards the station! From this point forward we’ve done everything from hanging outside and BBQ’ing on the air, to mixing live and interviewing dance celebs like Kim Sozzi and more!

In 2010, Eric Scott departed from KISSFM and concentrated all attention to Eric Scott Radio with his newly developed company, ES Radio Media, LLC. Since July of 2010, the show aired at 10 p.m. on Tuesday’s on Eric Scott Radio.

ES Radio Media, LLC. owns and operates three online based, full time, fully live radio stations: Eric Scott Radio (Variety – Top 40, Rock, Country, & Classic Hits), ESR Specialty Channel (Classic Hits 24/7), and Cajun Swamp Country Radio (Cajun, Swamp Pop, and Classic Country). Together the stations reach an audience age range from 10 to 110 (unless someone lives past that age!! HA!) ES Radio Media, LLC. also owns and operates a Mobile DJ Service called ES Radio DJ Services that DJ’s for Texas bars, JD’s at L’Auberge, weddings, events, and private parties!

Catch Dance N’ Trance from now on every Saturday at 10 p.m.!

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