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ERIC SCOTT RADIO | LAKE CHARLES, LA. — On Friday, November 9, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Louisiana State Police conducted a DWI checkpoint at the 200 block of Parish Road in Moss Bluff to target individuals driving under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics.

One-hundred and forty-three (143) vehicles were checked; six (6) field sobriety tests were administered; nine (9) citations were issued; and the following four (4) people were arrested for DWI:

Margaret S. Atwell, 57, 450 Parish Road, Lot # 210, Moss Bluff

Jason P. Guillory, 34, 2109 Graham Street, Lake Charles

Lindsay Duhon, 18, 1305 S. Armand Street, Moss Bluff

Donna A. Sponseller, 43, 1277 N. Highway 171, Lot # 44, Moss Bluff

The following citations were issued:

· two (2) for no inspection sticker

· two (2) for no child restraint

· one (1) for expired license plate

· one (1) for expired motor vehicle inspection

· one (1) for no tail lamps

· one (1) for blue lamps on front grill

· one (1) for driving under suspension

Participating in this checkpoint were the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office; Louisiana State Police-Troop D; Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office; and Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

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