Air Raid/ESR

These days everyone’s so scared to broadcast anything having to do with religion! It seems like no one will stand up for God and let their true feelings out for him out! However; Eric Scott Radio will on Sunday, February 12th at noon! ‘Air Raid’ will hit the airwaves and change radio in the most positive way you can! A show filled with positive thoughts and news. A show with nothing but a variety of Christian hits from noon to 4pm every Sunday, starting February 12th!

You may remember him on the radio here in Southwest Louisiana as Mikey O. Such a great on-air talent filled with energy and entertainment! Mikey O has been on several radio stations here in the area, and will continue his radio journey here on Eric Scott Radio!

Air Raid/ESR

Why is Mikey O the perfect host for a Christian program? Well, he is a father, a husband, and has a successful job in management to provide for his family! He knows the everyday stuggles and blessings of life and will be able to share thoughts and ideas with the world in positive and enlightening ways with the show ‘Air Raid’!

So, text a friend and share this on Facebook and Twitter! Let everyone know starting at noon Sunday, February 12th, Eric Scott Radio sets the stage for the world of radio with a show for GOD called ‘Air Raid’ with Mikey O! It’s not just our slogan, we truly play something for everyone here at Eric Scott Radio.

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