ESR Photo

Incase you haven’t realized yet, the sites around Prien Lake Road and Kirkman look a little different on that corner. This WAS the long time location of Taco Bell. This location was actually the oldest location for the city of Lake Charles. After the announcement of the opening of the new Taco Bell location in Moss Bluff, we couldn’t help but notice when passing by that this location was being scrapped!

No one seemed to know until it was a pile of rubble!

ESR Photo

Sources say that they are “remodeling” haha. Well, that’s looking more like “rebuilding!” Since this location was the oldest around it only makes since to scrap it and start from scratch!

We will see what happens in the near future! This location served the city’s mid-city area and was certainly always busy! Hopefully they are rebuilding and making a fancy one like they have in every other city in America!

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