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Organizers of the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York are moving ahead with plans for a day of civil disobedience and marches tomorrow.

They’ll be joined by some angry city leaders who have publicly denounced Mayor Michael Bloomberg for the raid early yesterday that cleared the park of protesters and dismantled the tent city.

Protesters were allowed to return last night, two at a time, but police were enforcing a ban on sleeping.

Organizers say the loss of the campsite in Zuccotti Park may help broaden the movement. The head of the group’s finances says it will open up a dialogue with organizers in other cities and take the protest to the next level.

Yesterday’s raid was the third in a span of three days across the country. Police broke up camps Sunday in Portland, Ore., and Monday in Oakland, Calif.

On Tuesday night, about a dozen Occupy Wall Street protesters were in Zuccotti Park, talking and trying to stay awake.

They were sitting on the park’s marble benches, occasionally chanting “We are the 99 percent” and other protest slogans as about 30 police officers were looking on.

A judge ruled Tuesday that the protesters could return to Zuccotti but could not set up camp.

Some of the overnight protesters were holding up signs.

One reads “Police, who do you protect really?” It’s posted on the metal barricade that was constructed around the park after the protesters were hauled out of the park during a police raid Tuesday.

A handful of protesters also gathered at a nearby McDonald’s, resting their heads on a table.

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