Celebrity divorces have long been tabloid fodder (think Kim Kardashian), but what happens when an everyday couple finds their marital troubles broadcast all over the Internet? I mean can you imagine having you business trashed? Well I don’t see myself really being that stupid, to end a marriage inside of Burger King. Just saying!

Well, that’s what happened Monday when Boston Globe web developer Andy Boyle live-tweeted a couple’s breakup in a Boston Burger King, complete with photos and video. The episode started innocently enough:

Boyle then continued with the drama-filled play-by-play, including the cause of the fight:
The argument’s pinnacle:
And the resolution:

This isn’t the first time someone has live-tweeted a couple’s presumed private moment. In March,comedian Donald Glover tweeted a couple having sex at a Bank of America ATM, including photos. Gotta love technology and social media!!

Which brings us to the question — is it okay to document a breakup, or is it an invasion of privacy? Let us know on Twitter (hashtag #BurgerKingBreakup) and in the comments.


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