In an Event that happens 600 times a year the ISS (international Space Station) is preparing to Dodge Space Debris, by raising the orbit and speeding up the Station.  The hype is caused by a 10cm piece of a Russian rocket launched in 1991, I know a 10cm piece of metal does not seem like a lot but you have to remember that space debris is traveling at 432 miles per hour, which can damage the outer skin of the Space Station. The Russian Soyuz Module attached to the Station will fire it Rockets for about 169 seconds increasing the Stations Speed 2.7 meters and Altitude by about 4.7 kilometers. NASA also stated that in about 6 years, they my not be able to launch much more do to the space junk taking up all the room. I guess with China joining in the Space Race  parking will be limited, like Wal-Mart on payday.

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