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Las Vegas oddsmakers have yet to post the betting line, but I‘m here to tell you that it’s better than even money that this coming October, Barack Obama is going to nab that second Nobel Peace Prize for the work he did in overthrowing Libya’s Col. Gadhafi.

If you require proof of my prognostication, just listen to former Pennsylvania Governor (and frequent Obama water-carrier) Ed Rendell. Ed appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today and began pitching the idea that the President should get credit for the fall of Gadhafi.

Willie Geist gives Rendell’s beliefs some air time:

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New Yorker Editor David Remnick joins the party:

Considering the fact that France and England did most of the “heavy lifting” in supporting the rebels why shouldn’t President Obama get the credit for this?

And since we still have no real grasp of who the rebels are, what the stand for, who is leading them, etc. Why shouldn’t the President be lauded for making it all happen?

Obama’s “success” in the Libyan Kinetic Military Action should be reason enough for Oslo’s version of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul to award Mr. Obama with a second Peace Prize, putting the president in rarified company. When the President picks up his award, he would join four other two-time winners; Marie Curie, Linus Pauling, John Bardeen, and Fredrick Sanger… but he will be the first and only American President to have TWO Nobel Prizes… both awarded for little or no reason.

(Little known Nobel Prize fact… if you win THREE of them – they re-name the Prize after you. Trust me on this one.)

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