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Ashton Kutcher
is getting the ROYAL treatment on the set of “Two and a Half Men” …. with a MASSIVE kick-ass trailer all to himself — but to some Charlie Sheen supporters who still work on the show, it’s a bit much.

The mansion on wheels is two stories of awesomeness — with satellite TV hookups, customized everything … and “pop out” sections which expand to make the trailer EVER BIGGER!

Problem is … there are still plenty of Team Sheen people working on the show … and we’re told they feel the mega-trailer is “over the top” and makes Kutcher come off like a “diva.”
But he IS the star of the biggest show on TV … and Charlie had a pretty big trailer too when he worked on the show.

Plus, if someone offered you a badass trailer for free — you probably wouldn’t say “no” either … right?


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