Authorities confirm the young man who died after jumping off the I-210 bridge is Taylor Johnson– the man prosecutors say is the one who started the trouble that ultimately led to the shooting death of Marine Daniel Gueringer at a Fourth of July party in 2009.

Johnson was awaiting trial on a charge of inciting a riot. He figured prominently in the trial of Bryce Perkins earlier this year when various witnesses’ testimony suggested Johnson’s behavior that night suggested he was looking for a fight, and set in motion the events that ultimately led to the killing.

According to testimony, Johnson called Perkins and another friend, Austin Rousseau, to the party where Gueringer was shot to death. District Attorney John DeRosier said then that Johnson was fixed for trial this summer. “Taylor Johnson is charged with inciting a riot… And he is charged because he’s the one who instigated all of this. He’s the one that started all the problems at the party.”

According to Calcasieu Sheriff’s Deputies, Johnson jumped out of a moving truck crossing the I-210 bridge and climbed onto the bridge railing. Deputies say the driver of the truck tried to talk Johnson down, but that he jumped over the railing. The news release follows.


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