Many of us are already skeptical about Obama and his ways. I mean, he did say what he was gonna do and he did do it in plain sight! However, the American people took everything he said in the first campaign and thought he mean good change, not the change he has given to us thus for! Well, some of us agree that he never really got out of campaign mode, but now it’s reaching bigger activity as 2012 draws near. With 2012 drawing near, he has his new ads together. Did he break any laws?

Was the below campaign video filmed in the White House? It certainly appears so.

If the ad was recorded in the White House, some say that would be a violation of the law. Geraghty notes that this video from a 2009 address to Berliners seems to have the same lamp in the background:

Your thoughts? I am just reporting what we see, you decide for yourself!


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