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There are so many opinions when it comes to the withdrawal or really anything to do with the situation in Afghanistan. What happens after the withdraw? How will this affect us in America?

President Obama is putting the finishing touches on his proposal for beginning to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan, not two years after he surged 30,000 troops into the country in a bid to arrest the advances of the insurgency.

The president is expected to outline his plan Wednesday night. As he looks to fulfill his pledge to start drawing down troops in July, he is caught between two broad factions in Congress, the military and his own administration.

via Obama Puts Finishing Touches on Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan – FoxNews.com.

My opinion is that we have been there long enough. Their culture is different. Their roots don’t have the freedom that our American roots hold. After this many years, if nothing changed there, it never will. We did all we could. We need to focus on our own borders here in America and protect our own freedom!

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