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Cut out the middle man and save? Go diesel and save? What? Really? Well that’s what this California man has decided to do with his family and their vehicles!

Like many Americans seeking relief from surging gas prices at the pump, California resident Josiah Adams switched from a gas-guzzling car to a diesel truck.

“We are officially gasoline free, and it feels really good,” Adams says.

But now, by switching from diesel to eco-friendly biodiesel, he’s saving even more by buying fuel straight from the manufacturer.

Some energy analysts predict it’s the start of a trend, with dozens of refineries across the U.S. cutting out the middle man and selling biodiesel direct, for less.

via Energy in America: California Drivers Cutting Out Middle Man to Buy Fuel Straight from Manufacturer –

Selling Biodiesel for less? Wow, I wonder if once people start moving to that, will they find a reason to hike the price up on that too!

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