After fatally striking a lawn mowing contractor, the driver of a van continued on for another three miles (4.8km) with the body on the roof of his vehicle in Wichita, Kansas on Friday — sparking 911 calls from people who saw the disturbing sight.

The victim, an unnamed 32-year-old man, was working with a weed-eater near a street outside a Hawker Beechcraft plant when he was struck about 7:15am, The Wichita Eagle reported citing local police capital Hassan Ramzah.

The force of the impact threw the victim onto the windshield and then the roof of the van — a Toyota Sienna XLE with a luggage rack on top — but the motorist, a 67-year-old man, did not stop.

Witnesses who saw the van called 911, and one followed it to a house in an upscale development.


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